Single Life; Reasons To Avoid It - Single Life; Reasons To Avoid It

Single Life; Reasons To Avoid It

Are you single? Then this is the right article for you. In as much as some of us would hate to admit it, single life is not desirable at all. Human beings, both males and females, are emotional beings that deserve to love and to be loved. Unfortunately, some people give up on love after a painful heartbreak or break up.

Technically, a heartbreak does not in any way imply that you’re incapable of loving someone. Instead, it means that you’re not compatible with each other. Therefore, in such a case, you ought to accept and search for a more compatible partner.

Single Life; Reasons To Avoid It
Single Life; Reasons To Avoid It

What Makes Singlehood A Bad Idea?

If you’re single, then you’re familiar with some of the challenges undergone by unmarried people. Some of these difficulties include.

You endure untold loneliness; Companionship is one of the best ways to fight loneliness. Most lonely people easily slide into depression. One weird fact about a human brain is that it tends to focus on one’s failures more than their success. Research has proven beyond doubt that single people are more prone to depression than married people.

Singlehood lowers your self-esteem; Are you kidding? No, I am not! How do you feel when all your friends talk about their relationship, yet you’re unmarried? One is likely to look down upon themselves with time.

Singlehood gradually makes one hopeless; Love is one of the most powerful emotions gifted to human beings by nature. Therefore, a human being often feels inadequate whenever they’re deprived of it for long. Unlike married people, single people rarely get an opportunity to experience true love.

Single people are highly likely to become reckless with their lives; Married people are among the most responsible human beings in the world. Usually, marriage results in procreation, which in turn demands responsibility.

Single Life Can Be Fun

Unmarried people slowly become hopeless in life hence become irresponsible. For example, it’s not surprising to hear that most drunk staggering along the roads is unmarried. Marriage gives one a sense of responsibility and purpose.

You spend too much money on less critical expenditures; Most unmarried people find it fancy to visit clubs and watch half-naked strippers. Most of these clubs charge exorbitant entry fees as the professional strippers demand a handsome pay. This makes such unmarried people spend so much money regularly. Aside from that, the single people also engage in heavy drinking to offset stress.

Single Life; Reasons To Avoid It
Single Life; Reasons To Avoid It

Married people only spend their money on worthwhile expenses. The only way to avoid the habit of being a spendthrift is getting into the marriage institution.


Singlehood is one monster that should be fought with a vengeance. Singlehood is partly to blame for some of the social vices in the society today. Luckily for unmarried people, there are several reliable online dating platforms for them. You’re free to use these platforms to search for a suitable partner.

Interestingly, most of these online sites do not charge their members anything to use them. Marriage gives one a sense of fulfillment and purpose. Let’s encourage as many single members of society to quit bachelorhood and spinsterhood.

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