Single Life Is A Happy Life - Single Life Is A Happy Life

Single Life Is A Happy Life

There are so many people who fall in and out of relationships. They don’t know very often where it is leading them. Still, they carry on, thinking they are in love. Being in love isn’t about being in a committed relationship even if you are unsure of your feelings. Living a single life can be fulfilling too.

According to studies, people who fall in and out of relationships very often have commitment issues. When we break off a relation, it is advised to stay single for a while before getting into another. The hardest part about this is that, after a while, we forget how to be in one.

Single Life Is A Happy Life
Single Life Is A Happy Life

People who like to remain single normally maintain a group of friends. They should have a social life so that they are in touch with the outside world. Not being in a relationship does not mean that you are incapable of love. It just means that you are patient enough to wait for the right person.

In case you want to indulge in a person and aren’t able to find anyone, you can now go online and search for a profile that matches your idea of ‘love’. This isn’t an old school game. Dating apps are a new concept where two people check each other’s online profiles and then finally decide to hang out.

Many single people out there use such dating apps for random hookups. They like exploring different people; however, on the flip side, there are many drawbacks of the same.

Drawbacks Of Dating Apps For Single People

  1. The first con is that it is not designed for people who are old school. Well, people who do not believe in online dating, do not use such dating apps; however, even if they stumble on someone online, who they really like, they are most likely to try and be in a serious relationship with them. Most of the single people who use such apps aren’t looking for something serious.
  2. Another disadvantage is that one isn’t sure if the person on the other side is true or fake. Until you meet them and see everything for yourself, it is not advised to divert all your feelings towards the online date; however. many single people, fall for scammers and end up getting hurt.
  3. The biggest flaw in this entire concept is the fact that you don’t get to actually see or experience the date in person. This can be one of the things that, people who aren’t social, do. It is not very healthy if we start using such dating apps very often as it shows the lack of connecting with the real world.

It Is Not All Bad

Single Life Is A Happy Life
Single Life Is A Happy Life

The old school game of dating a single person is way better than the online stuff. Or one can choose not to date at all. Being Single has the following advantages:

  1. You get to do whatever you want whenever you want to.
  2. One can meet their friends and go out on group trips whenever they feel like.
  3. You get to be the first one to help people out in case of an emergency. This can be a blessing as well as a curse.
  4. One does not need to impress anyone.
  5. You get to take care of your family and friends rather than spoiling someone who you just met.
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