Grindr Online App; Find The Perfect Date - Grindr Online App; Find The Perfect Date -

Grindr Online App; Find The Perfect Date

Grindr online is an online dating app that was launched for gay people. It was available on android and iOS applications. This app was available in two versions, free as well as subscribed; the subscribed version was called Grindr Xtra.

The working of the app was based on the device location of the user; this feature is on every smartphone nowadays; this will help the user to find a person near them, so they don’t have to travel all the way to the of the city. is achieved by a digital grid interface that has a brief pricing of the said user, and then there are few photos of men arranged from near to farthest. The user needs to tap the profile they like, and then they have the option to chat, send pictures, and even share the location.

Grindr Online App; Find The Perfect Date
Grindr Online App; Find The Perfect Date

Launch Of The Grindr Online

It was launched in 2009 by Brian Keller. In the beginning, the app was criticized, but slowly, it made its way in the gay blogosphere and was appreciated by Queerty and other pages.

The app is originally based in the USA, but it gained popularity all around the globe through mouth publicity and the famous love stories that floated by media outlets and press. It was five years down the line pricing has 4 million users in 192 countries, that were an achievement. It was highly popular and used on a regular basis in the USA, UK, as well as shockingly in Iran, Iraq, and Kazakhstan, etc. A report in 2016 stated that the USA is the country that had the highest users with London topped the list of cities with more than 6.5 lakh users.

Controversy And Criticism:

Technical Issues In Grindr Online

The android version of Grindr was facing significant red flags that decreased its rating to around 3.5 in January 2015. The app was floating with negative reviews. The problem was resolved by asking email addresses as well as creating valid passwords.

It was in 2012 when a software malfunction led to the Keller of the personal details of many users. There was a legal action taken on the software issue, as well as the accused website was blocked. The site impacted a few Australia use and was shut down.

Potential Triangulation

It was around 2014 when another issue was reported that the relative distance measurements that were facing some triangulations. It was basically pinpointing the individual users again and again. And to verify the same, a proof of concept was published.

Grindr Online App; Find The Perfect Date
Grindr Online App; Find The Perfect Date

With that report, around 2 million detections were performed within a short span of time. The issue presented was that an unauthorized client uses to give permission to another user to pinpoint the location of other users. There was a protest from the LGBT community; as well as there were reports that the Egyptian police uses the app to hunt down gay people. To this, Grindr disabled the distance display.


Grindr was a thoughtful app this was launched by Mr. Keller and helped many gay as well as bi people to find the love of their life. It had seen some ups and downs, but all over it was a great initiative as well as has been accepted with open arms.

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